The Full Lineup Is Here… And It Couldn’t Get Any More Exciting

As you may have heard, last night marked the full reveal of Halloween Horror Night’s 25th anniversary lineup!! In addition to the three houses that had already been announced (Insidious, Freddy vs. Jason, & The Purge), we now have a complete list of what to expect from this year’s event.

Below is a list of the attractions and what we know about them so far:


An American Werewolf in London


John Landis’ classic 1981 film is returning once again! This house will be a scene-by-scene walkthrough nearly identical to what we experienced back in 2013. For those who missed it in the past, this will be an opportunity to experience one of the top-rated houses of all time. This year, the ravenous wolfpack has expanded with a slightly new look, and there are sure to be some extra surprises thrown in for the attendees who have already been through the house multiple times. Beware the moon!

Monsters and Mayhem


Personally, this is the house I am most excited for. Jack is presenting us with the biggest and the best of Universal’s past 25 years of fear. It has been confirmed that this house is going to be one of the largest ever- think last year’s The Walking Dead. This will have a similar feel to The Hallow’d Past from 2012 and will feature some of Halloween Horror Night’s most memorable scenes from houses like The Forsaken, Nightingales, and even the Christmas room from H.R. Bloodengutz’s Holidays of Horror! Classic monsters are also expected to be represented, along with many more surprise guests. I wouldn’t be shocked if we got a warehouse-style room, so keep your eyes peeled for throwbacks and props from all of your past favorites!!!

UPDATE: Sorry to break your HHN heart (mine was crushed), but it has been made known that H.R. Bloodengutz will NOT be in this house. During the announcements, Mike Aiello tweeted that Christmas would be represented. It was inferred that he was making a nod to everyone’s favorite Holidays of Horror host. However, it has sense been discovered that Aiello was referring to a scene from Psychoscarepy:Home for the Holidays; a very different house.

Do we know for sure that H.R. won’t be represented at all? No, it’s actually quite possible he’ll still show up. Just maybe in a much smaller role than we had hoped.

RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears


Take a step into this 80’s-themed game show where YOU are the contestant and the only goal is to survive. You will find yourself situated inside Hellgate Prison, being hunted by a group of Reapers and forced to face the many “death obstacles” that get in your way. At HHN XIV, Hellgate Prison was run by warden Robert L. Strickland and featured some familiar props like Old Smokey as well as a riot room that included strobes, loud music, and the occasional pathway that would separate you from your party, leaving you to face the prison’s depraved convicts as they grasp for you from their cells. You may re-think your dreams of being on TV, because this is one game show that will leave you running for your life!

Asylum in Wonderland 3D


Take a trip down the rabbit hole and experience this “sadistic and psychedelic” maze. Based on the Ultra-Violent comics and inspired by some of HHN’s old scarezones, this house will follow the white rabbit’s journey through Wonderland and bring you face-to-face with some of this upside-down world’s most curious (and frightening) inhabitants. This house will probably have a similar feel to The In-Between and will include disorienting effects that leave you lost in the world of Lewis Carroll’s eccentric imagination.

Body Collectors: Recollections


The infamous Body Collectors return in this mash-up maze, bringing their blades to a familiar location; Shadybrook Asylum. Set in the 1800’s in the middle of a tremendous blizzard, this house will showcase the dapper villains wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting victims within Shadybrook’s walls.


Psychoscarepy: Unleashed

Located in the New York section of the park, this zone will be one of the bloodiest ever. Things go terribly wrong at a Halloween block party when an asylum bus crashes in town, leaving the criminally insane inmates loose to terrorize the partygoers. The inmates are killing for the perfect costume and will be hosting their very own costume contest with a twist. Keep an eye out for details in this area, with awesome traditional decorations, a burning gazebo, and shadowed kills in building windows.


The icons are back! As revealed on the banners that recently popped up in the park, The Caretaker, Storyteller, Usher, and Director will all be making return appearances at this years event. But this scarezone will include many more iconic Halloween Horror Nights characters. The Rat Lady has already been confirmed. Perhaps we’ll see a Cryptkeeper as well?

Scary Tales: Screampunk

In homage to the popular past HHN mazes, this zone will once again bring classic fairytales to life with a bit of Halloween Horror Nights flair. Characters step off the page and into a steampunk–inspired world, bringing terror and whimsy together in a modern fashion that’s sure to be a visual stunner.

Evil’s Roots

This zone located in Central Park will be a cordial nod to the past, highlighting some of the most recognizable HHN décor. The official HHN post said to think 2011’s Grown Evil, but “on a whole ‘nother level!” Expect to see humanoid bats, scarecrows, Jack-O-Lanterns, evil fairies, and more! You may even recognize the entrance piece.

All Nite Die-In: Double Feature

The infamous Carey Die-In theater is presenting a special double feature at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. Familiar horror scenes will surround you as characters from classic and contemporary films are set loose on the streets of San Francisco. Depending on when you walk through the zone, sets will either be in color or entirely in black & white!

In addition to these exciting zones, there will be two chainsaw-wielding hordes roaming the park. You know, just in case you thought you were safe.


Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

Everyone’s favorite time-travelling duo returns in an all-new comedy-packed Halloween adventure. Keeping you updated on the latest pop culture trends and partying on!

The Carnage Returns

Jack the Clown is once again hosting his own show alongside the lovely and talented Chance. They will be “Celebrating the Kill” across from Mel’s with a murderous spree. And of course Jack’s minions will be around to help spread the mayhem!

Whether you are a seasoned HHN veteran or a new-timer coming to the event for the first time, this year’s Halloween Horror Nights has something to please every type of fan. There’s a great mix of old and new, original content and intellectual properties, beauty and terror. It is obvious that the team at Universal has gone out of their way to make the 25th anniversary of this incredible event one to remember. The park will truly be transformed into a showcase of all that has shaped Halloween Horror Nights into the success it is today.

While this list itself is incredible and enough to make me squeal with excitement, I’d imagine that none of us are truly prepared for everything that this year has in store. We’re talking serious throwbacks, classic aesthetics, and incredible attention to detail. There will be more scareactors than ever before and a whole lot of really exciting merchandise- so start saving up!

The countdown is coming to an end, and opening night will be upon us in no time. As the excitement escalates we will keep you up to date with any more details that are released. We’re sorry though, we can’t make time move any faster.

See you all in four weeks!