Haunt Update – Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail


Sir Henry’s JUST sent out an update via email with a small preview of what to expect in 2017 – we’ll definitely be checking it out this year for the first time!

The 2017 Season is Coming!

Welcome to Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail E-newsletter! We are gearing up for an incredible season. We have revamped both trails with all new sets, props, stories, costumes and more. We also have a plethora of goodies for our fans this year including communications like our E-newsletter, an online Sir Henry merchandise store, and much more to come!

Our E-newsletter gives you exclusive behind the scenes access to haunt details, insider promotions and the happenings of the trails. This week all of our email subscribers get an early sneak peak into our themes for both trails this season!

Curse of Hollow Oak:
Set in the year 1696, William Kelly, a great ancestor of Sir Henry, and several others came to the new world in search of prosperity and established a settlement: Hollow Oak. William was the founder and Governor of the village and was set to marry a young girl, Beatrice. But before they were wed another girl caught the eye of William and he broke off his existing engagement. Beatrice was devastated and vowed revenge against William and the town. However, she wanted to wait until the right time. So, she retreated deep within the woods with her two sisters. They waited for several years, allowing the village to grow in prosperity and for William to have children of his own. Finally, Beatrice’s time had come. Her once beautiful appearance had become wretched. Her face had hard lines and her nose had a crook from the pain she carried around for all those years. On the night of the full moon, Beatrice and her sisters cast a dark curse on the town engulfing it in famine, disease, death and war. Chaos broke loose and the three women hunted down townspeople to create even more fear. The curse of Hollow Oak had been unleashed.
This story is set 4 years after the death of Sir Henry in 1933 and 1 year after his estate was bought and turned into a ‘living museum’. Many knew the tales of the carnival freak show that the great Sir Henry showcased. No one ever came close to matching them. During this time, Sir Henry had been working on a new piece for his grand show. One that would shock the world. He kept it hidden away from public sight for years and even after his death, no one was able to find this mysterious ‘experiment’; until now. When someone from a tour stumbled upon a secret hideaway within the mansion, chaos ensued. The current owner, Mr. Barloc, closed down the tours and the house before anyone could discover the experiment. The public has been trying to force their way into this hidden lab of Sir Henry. But unknown to all, beneath the boarded up estate, the lab has come alive once again. Several citizens have described seeing a skeletal phantom figure in a top hat go to and from the back of the estate. Has Sir Henry returned to finish his masterpiece?