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Rick Styczynski over at 13X studios is pretty awesome and you should be following them on Social Media!✅ I will try to make this as quick as can be but it’s coming straight from the heart ♥️

2 years ago....13X Studios was born. I started thinking back to all the memories this morning. I woke up one day and told the wife i wanted to make Hockey Masks. And I went for it...Kane Hodder said to me “You have a great thing going. I love your passion and enthusiasm. Go for your dream”......

I look back to all the new friendships that started...All the People who continue to support me...All the amazing messages I get daily how I inspired others to go for their dreams. This is why I do this....

I was just thinking how 15 years ago I knew some kid who worked at video store as I worked at Starter Outlet across parking lot. Myself and Todd Fisher became quick friends then sort of lost touch for 13 years. Now... I host a monthly Horror party at his bar VAULT 5421 and have a line of masks in his comic book store Gods & Monsters.

I remember seeing some girl shaking at Spooky Empire at the bar. I asked if she was ok. She was shaking cause her idol Kane Hodder was across from her. I took her over to meet him and Nicki Lea Voorhees is one of my best friends now.

I remember meeting some cool artist at Spooky then saw him again at Megacon. Then it just went from there. Jason Selezinka from drexNINE studios is another one of my best friends which just led to more and more awesome friends and relationships...

One of my fav stories from 2 years is my friend from Spooky Shannon Smith asked me to make a mask for her Mom who passed from Pancreatic Cancer....Out of 5000 Masks I have made. This will always be my favorite. Not just the mask alone. Just knowing that this mask will always bring light to Shannon.

These are the things i have got to experience in 2 years. The Kevin Smith Exclusive deal, The Halloween Megastore deal, iHorror Exclusive deal and 3 features, Camp Blood Events, 13X Hosted Vault parties, Survivor Give Kids The World Events, Monthly Conventions, Spitting Blood podcasts and so much more...

And finally to my wife....Dawn Styczynski she continues to support everything i do and in return i still scare her daily with my masks. 🎃

Love you everyone. Viva 13X Studios! I will be having a exclusive Black Friday sale for all my Facebook friends very soon. As I grow I’m sure many of us will be crossing paths ♥️

I wanted to post 20 of my best pictures but I nailed it down to 3. The first was a picture Dawn took as I wast just looking at a Jason part 8 mask I made 3 weeks after starting 13X.

The next is a Photoshoot me and Dawn did. I love the whole country atmosphere. But realistically Sea World is to right of pix and I-4 is to left of pix lol.

And lastly a kick ass Photoshoot by Piper Minear for my iHorror feature which we shot at Megacon Orlando.

Rick 13X Studios

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