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NOTE – HauntScene is represented by ONLY Johnny, Melissa, Kyrra, Lily, or David.  Please report anyone else posing as a representative of the show to HauntScene@gmail.com (and please do not provide them with anything).

Helping Spooky Friends Since 2015

HauntScene was founded right before the Haunt Season in August 2015 by two long-time haunt fans who met through the interactive Legendary Truth tasks at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. With a similar passion for all things scary and Halloween, the pair decided to partner up to bring the world a friendly site that stays updated with the latest local haunt news, gets other fans involved, and simply allows people to celebrate the fall season for all it has to offer.

Starting in 2018, Hauntscene has started to venture more and more out of the State of Florida.  We’ve done several road trips, and so far have visited a total of 76 Haunted Attractions across 17 states.  At some point, we’d love to hit all 50!

Check-in often for updates, photos, tips and tricks, and insider info on Florida’s (And beyond) most popular haunted houses and Halloween events.

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Meet the team!

Johnny “Bronto” Lipscomb

Owner/Founder/Host/Technical Director of HauntScene

Johnny “Bronto” Lipscomb is a transplant to Florida by way of Detroit, Michigan. All it took was doing his first independent Haunt for Johnny to fall in love with the Haunted Attraction industry, where he’s been a strong advocate since.  “How can people give you money when they don’t know you exist?” has been his motto.  He leverages Social Media strategies, technology, and his own patron expertise to do anything in his power to help Haunt succeed and grow.  Johnny created HauntScene in 2015 spread awareness on first the local Haunt Scene in Florida and now has expanded nationally.  The long-term goal of the show is to do one Haunt in every state, and so far he’s been to 87 unique haunted attractions in 19 different states and plans road trips every year to visit new locations and attend industry conventions.  Johnny leads a team of 4 other passionate haunt enthusiasts and does a show on Haunts and Horror called HauntScene LIVE every Tuesday Night at 8 pm EST (The live show is seasonal during March-November).


When he’s not out getting spooked, he works as a corporate trainer and public speaker.


 Click here to read a feature on Johnny via www.orlandodecoded.com 


Melissa Ann Lukac


Melissa has been going to Halloween Horror Nights since 2006 and loves every minute of it! The 2017 Haunt Season was her first on the show, but she has been part of the HauntScene team officially since April of 2017. She’ll be posting photos from out on the field on HauntScene’s Social Media!


We’re still not sure if she like Haunts or Dogs more.

Kyrra Burton


Kyrra was raised in South Florida moving to Orlando in 2011 where she now resides. She has been watching horror movies since she was 3 years old but only conquered her fear of Haunted Houses in 2012! She has been obsessed ever since! Kyrra ran into the HauntScene team in the 2019 HHN season and quickly joined helping with anything we need from social media, photography and stand ins.

Lily O’Valley

Social Media Coordinator

Lily has been in the theatre world since she was 14 and although she has always appreciated the performance side of haunted houses, she’s recently still figuring out how to get through an entire haunt bravely. She loves scary story podcasts and creepypastas but jump scares and spiders are her enemies. She’s eager to join the team as entertainment with her scared reactions and stories.

David Lugo

Social Media Assistant/Promotions

David is a long time Central Florida resident. He’s lived in many different cities but considers Orlando his forever home. In true 90’s fashion David was watching horror movies as a child. His favorite classics include Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, and C.H.U.D. David brings a love of networking and connecting people to the things they enjoy. His high energy and positive attitude can often be infectious. David is excited to join the hauntscene team and looks forward to meeting YOU!


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