Dani’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure final thoughts

Halloween has officially passed, but one event was opened and still keeping people’s interest this weekend. Halloween Horror Nights just finished their show Bill and Ted’s Most Excellent Halloween Adventure for the last time, and I had the honor to be apart of it. Now that this is over,  this whole article will be SPOILER ALERT central!

In this years Bill and Ted show, we start with our usual dance number. Then the guys come out and death joins them a moment later. Then we have the plotline unfold that death has been sent to kill the Bill and Ted audience because over the last 26 years, they have not actually shown any redeeming quality or value of pop culture. In order to save everyone, they strike a deal with death that they can find evidence with the help of Sean Spicer organizing the rally while playing with his fidget spinner and the occasional Trump Tweets! telling them how they are doing.

Throughout the show we have appearances offering help from Betty White, the Power Rangers, Barb and Elle from Stranger Things,  Bae-Watch, Rocket (Trash Panda if you’re familiar) from Guardians of the Galaxy, Justin Bieber, The girl from Get Out with her two transformed versions of Bill and Ted, Moana (aka Water Pocahantas or Moesha), Rick from Rick and Morty, Avatar Guy, Kendall Jenner and Dr. Evil.

In the end noone is able to help Bill and Ted gain proof and right as Death is about to kill Avatar Guy as he chases all these people around, he gets a text from Rufus stating that Bill and Ted have to go back to 1991 and it is then when Death realizes its Bill and Ted that are the redeeming quality in pop culture and does not kill anyone. Death has a moment with Bill and the show ends with a final dance number. With this they leave in their time machine.

Now in the final show, they added a lot to it and made it special. The audience clapped, cheered, cried and quoted along with the whole show. We also had a ton of ad libbed lines and fun banter between the cast and a lot of back and forth with the audience as well.

On top of all of this though, they brought back jokes like, “Pumpkin Spice La-taytay,” when Sean Spicer discusses the food truck menu, Rocket the trash panda “Puppet dying,” when Bill sets off the explosions, and Doc Brown even came out with Rick from Rick and Morty and made a few jokes. The best part for most people though was Moana ended up getting help from Elsa last night and she sang her infamous “I let myself go,” song.

The cast also came out and did a final number where half of them were dressed as Bill and the other half Ted and they teared up and hugged after it was done. Then the final special appearance was from Rufus where he came out and said “Gentleman, we are History,” and they left the stage for the last time.

This show has and always will be a part of Halloween Horror Nights, and it was a most excellent show and time this season to get to watch. I am very sad to see it end and am interested to see what the future holds for this event.

Even though this Haunt Season is over, we will still have plenty of coverage for you so stay tuned to all HauntScene social media and the Hauntscene.com website


Until next time, stay excellent!