Scream-A-Geddon 2017 or: The story of how I got put into a bodybag


Last night I took a trip to Dade City and enjoyed another local haunt called Scream-a-geddon. I had such a good time and it was a totally unique experience.

They had the haunted hayride which was unique and had an amazing couple of interactive scenes and ended with an epic town where a couple of guys had a shootout and a couple of girls got scared in our trailer and it was fun to watch,

Bedlam 3D was essentially a 3D clown funhouse. In here, you wore 3D glasses and had clowns interact with you in fun and sometimes scary ways. The floors also moved in some parts which was fun and disorienting. Overall one of the better 3D mazes I have ever seen honestly.

In Dead Woods, you went in to the woods with a glow-stick and walked cabin to cabin having people jump a t you. I enjoyed it but wish there was a bit more to it because there was a lot of dead space.

Now where it got interesting for me was these last two houses: Blackpool Prison and Infection: Ground Zero. In these two houses you have the ability to wear a glow-stick on your neck which signaled to the scare-actors that you were okay with being touched, and it got interesting.

In Blackpool prison, the convicts escaped and they pushed you around into cells and special hiding areas and you have to escape. In this one, I got slammed into two cells and a girl dragged me in a hole to escape. It was fun.

My favorite house was Infected. In here, you have doctors trying to contain this disease and you run through their operating zone and they operate on you and you have to get out. I was put onto a table and had a carving knife grazed across my forehead, then I was put into a bodybag where he finally let me out and told me I was not worth wasting a bag over and finally pushed into a chair where they pretended to pull blood from the back of my neck.

Overall this was an amazing event and I will return next year. This year has taught me how much fun local haunts can be and next season will be even better!

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-Dani                                                             haunt-scene-stranger-things-logo