Spoiler Free thoughts on HHN

Opening weekend has passed, and I have to admit I enjoyed every second of it!
This years houses have put concepts and ideas from the past and taken them to a whole new level. Each house has unique effects and ties the stories very well.
Here is a quick opening weekend opinion on each house (in order from my favorite to least, but seriously I love them all this year):

1. Scarecrow the Reaping- This was the scariest house they have done in a while; The effects and masks for the scarecrows were just amazing and I love the dust-bowl vibe.

2. Dead Waters- I am in love with the entrance to this house and the Voodoo Queen herself. The details put into this are obvious and well executed.

3. The Fallen- Now I know my top 3 are originals, but they are that good. This house is just beautiful and they pulled off the swinging/flying scareactors very well.

4. Ash vs. the Evil Dead- Now I know I am alone on this, but I absolutely love this show and they tied everything you’d want to see from it in this house. If you have not seen the show but have seen the movies, according to my friends they still enjoyed it and got from the cabin on.

5. The Shining- This house was beautiful and took all of the scenes from the movie you would want. It just had one scene that I did not like but and I also felt like there was too much of one thing and it could’ve been trimmed.

6. American Horror Story (part 2)- I loved the asylum and all of its glory, but I felt we rushed through Coven (typically known as its top season) and went into Roanoke (known as the least popular season) and that was disappointing.  However, Gaga is in it once so YAAAS!

7. The Hive- While this is low on my list, I know I must redo it because I feel I got a bad run through. The scareactors were great to me and I really dug the whole 80’s meets Nosferatu idea, but something felt missing.

8. Saw: The games of Jigsaw-This is another I would like to put higher on my list because I feel I missed something. While I loved seeing Billy and Jigsaw, I felt rushed through and didn’t see any traps go off.

9. Horrors of Blumhouse-I feel that we rushed through Sinister which was the newest stuff and went into repeat things and scenes from a movie that isn’t out yet. While I enjoy all three franchises and will see Insidious 4, I would have much preferred them to make it all Sinister and do something new or pull another repeat like American Werewolf in London and redid Insidious and add those scenes. Purge has had a house and 2 scarezones here in Orlando now, so I wouldn’t want that either

What were your thoughts? Let us know at HauntScene and make sure to watch us as the season progresses. Opinions will change and new haunts will happen!

Until then, enjoy the season and stay spooky!

Dani hauntscene-favicon