Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017!

HauntScene attended the Tampa Bay Comic Con this weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  As usual, we found the very best in Horror and Villain Cosplay (See the end of the article for a link to the galleries).  Here is my personal favorite cosplay from the entire weekend…  That’s right, it’s NES JASON from the old Friday the 13th game!


We were in Haunt heaven as several of the local haunts invaded the unsuspecting convention over the weekend…

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay had a booth on site – giving out HOS swag, doing signups for auditions,  and they also did several makeup demonstrations!


Chamber of Terror logged a ton of hours over the weekend (8 Hours on Saturday, 6 on Sunday) and rotated a few of their characters.  I’m pretty sure I can still smell them.


The Shallow Grave caused a stir with their sheer creepiness.  The guy at the top-right had his own soundtrack and attracted a crowd with the noises his suit made!


Ominous Descent rolled super deep with many characters.  This caused many walking traffic jams as a lot of people wanted group photos!


Having several haunts on site (At the same time) created some hilarious mashup moments!  It was all in good fun and a little cross-promotion never hurt anybody.  Here is the Ominous Descent Crew with one of Howl-O-Scream’s Nurses.  Below – Ominous Descent faced off with Chamber of Terror!


Every single one of the haunts represented (+ Handlers) did an amazing job with the crowds of people that stopped them for photo ops.   The interactions and reactions were priceless!  I’m pretty sure one of the haunts (I’m not going to say who) made a little kid cry!  There was tons of great promotion and many people walked away with discount coupons for the fall!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see them, but apparently Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail also made an appearance.

Here are our picture galleries for Saturday and Sunday if you want to relive Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017!  #TBCC2017

Until next time – Spook Easy

Johnny “Bronto” Lipscomb