The Beast of Blackwood


There’s something wrong in these woods…

Last night, we attended the media preview for THE BEAST OF BLACKWOOD (TBOB for short), a brand new production from Make Real Orlando.  We had an absolute blast and I have a feeling this hour long experience will be with me for a long time…

The website has a quick description:

A lighthearted trip to the woods for a film project reveals that legend of a vicious monster living there might be more than an old wive’s tale.

Before we get into the nitty gritty – here’s the trailer:

The Beast of Blackwood

Still with us?  I thought so.  The trailer has an amazingly 80’s ambiance.  It’s like The Goonies meets E.T. with a Stranger Things vibe.

The story you will take part of is set in 1986.  Not that I want to date myself, but I was 7 years old in 1986.  Everything about TBOB screams 1980’s and it is meticulously detailed.  Do you remember what it was like to drink Orange Crush out of a glass bottle?  I do.  What about VHS and cassette tapes?

The story revolves around you and your search party of 6-8 people looking for a lost group of kids.  We were even sent the following poster in the email invite.  (I’ve redacted the location – they will let you know when you sign up!).

The location is unbelievably perfect.  You’ll see it when you go, but it has a very camp crystal lake/summer camp vibe.  It’s like a time machine.

I don’t really want to give any of the story elements and spoil it for you, but it was really fun.  The actors were great and stayed in character the entire time.  We had a really great group and everyone “Bought in” so it was even more fun.  We even had a everyone-put-their-hands-in-the-middle-go-team! moment with the actors.


Like many other experiences, if you embrace and respect the event, you’ll get more out of it.  They actually encourage you to dress up in your favorite 80’s gear – so go crazy with it!  We found out later in the Q&A session that while most of the technology (VHS, Cassettes, flashlights) were period appropriate, there is a surprising amount of modern technology involved to make everything crazy immersive.  I was impressed.

There are clues to find and puzzles to unlock.  Thankfully, we had a pretty smart group which made things easier.   While there are some spooky elements, don’t expect a haunted attraction.


I think my favorite moment was feeling like I was inside one of those “Found Footage” movies.  You’ll know it when you see it.

Final Thoughts – This event is definitely HauntScene recommended!

TBOB is definitely unique and I’ve never done anything like it.

HauntScene Tip – Keep in mind this event is completely OUTSIDE so dress appropriately.  As recommended on their website, you’ll want to make sure that wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.  It had rained earlier in the day, and I wish I had worn rain boots.  I would also personally recommend some bug spray.  Also – pack a poncho and/or an umbrella.  Look – it’s Florida in the late summer and you’ll be walking around in the woods at night.

Tickets are $35 and time slots can be reserved on the website.

Use the promo code “HauntScene” for $5 off!

You can also check out Make Real Orlando on Facebook and Instagram.


Until Next Time…  Spooky Easy!

Johnny Bronto



We’ll miss you Ranger Dave!