The Trials and Tribulations of HauntScene

Johnny Bronto here.  I’m really excited for this upcoming haunt season.  Right now I am working hard to get everything set up before the season 2 premiere on September 6th.

Last year, when it was finally decided that we were going to do the show, I had to do a lot of learning on the fly.  Learning the broadcast software, video and image editing, how to put together end credits – you name it, I had to learn it.  The entire season was learning as I went.  To complicate matters, I was working full time and my (former) co-host was a full time student who lived (at the time) 2 hours away.  Not to mention the haunt schedule – out of the 45 day haunt season I was out 30 nights doing haunt stuff.  Add on another 10 episodes, and there wasn’t a lot of down time.

As the first season went on, I believe the quality of the show went up, and we somehow ended up with 10 hours of content.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

One thing I really wanted to do this year was improve on the quality of the brand.  There were slight variations going from one episode to the next as I tweaked it.

This year, I am flying solo with the show.  I won’t have a co-host.  Which means I need to make the show as appealing and as engaging as possible.  I’m hoping to line up a bunch of guest stars (9 slots available!  let me know!) to help me along the way.

No one is going to show up to just watch my ugly mug.

So, to add another layer to the show, I am going to try and document what it’s like to run a webcast, and attempt to give a behind the scenes look at HauntScene.

If anyone is interested in getting involved with the show, on or off the air – please don’t hesitate to let me know.