What a week it has been for HHN!

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights has been pretty tight lipped this year, but this week we had some big announcements.

In March we had American Horror Story returning announced. In May we had The Shining. In July we had Ash vs. Evil Dead and now Billy wants to play again in the newest house announcement Saw: The Games of Jigsaw.  With this house announcement we learned that while it will have easter eggs to the previous house in 19, this will be a totally new concept based on the new movie coming out this year.

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw House Reveal | Halloween Horror Nights 2017

Most un-triumphant!  This will be be Bill & Ted’s final year!

Another bittersweet announcement that was made was that Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure will be returning this year, but for the last time. We will get one last chance to laugh with these two while they get a final farewell and to teach us a most excellent lesson.  Bogus!

Our favorite artist, Shelby Denham – already has a tribute shirt up for sale!

Academy of Villains returns!

Academy of Villains: Afterlife

We also have another show returning with the Academy of Villains dance troop and their newest show will be titled Academy of Villains: Afterlife. This group will give another epic performance which is supposed reveal what happens in the afterlife.


ScareZones announced!

Last but not least to this big  puzzle was the five scare zones being announced. By looking at the list, it is hard to be disappointed.

A gathering of the most unearthly, hellish terrors has emerged from the darkest corners of despair. It calls to those who long for the thrill of the scare and wish to have their fears made real. You’ll be drawn like moths to a flame, and once you join this hallowed celebration, your nightmares will never end.

Trick 'r Treat
It’s time to make sure everyone understands the rules of our haunted holiday. Get a proper Halloween education in our Central Park scare zone inspired by the film Trick ‘r Treat. We’re excited to have Sam visit and make sure we follow the rules of Halloween.

The Purge
We have a returning story to our New York streets with The Purge. This time, our approach was to create a zone that showed how we think the events of a Purge night might play out in our streets. There are some fan favorites returning such as our auction and a very polite gentleman. We also have some new surprises in store.

Altars of Horror
Near the front gate, on Avenue of the Stars, we have our Altars of Horror. This zone is very exciting because we’re bringing something to the streets for our horror fans that we have never done before.

In this zone, we’re taking some of the larger than life characters featured in this year’s houses, and letting them have their own scare zone. A lot of work goes into bringing these iconic film characters to life in our houses. Now you’ll have the opportunity to get an even better look at them.

Set in a time decades ago, our docks in San Francisco find themselves the victim of an INVASION! Visitors from far beyond have crashed their vessel, and are now wreaking havoc on the streets of San Francisco.
They aren’t just here to destroy; these invaders are also on a mission to learn everything they can about us humans. Careful, or you may find yourself on the experiment table at the mercy of an alien scientist.

So after waiting patiently we finally have quite a bit of news to sink our teeth in to. Make sure to log on to Halloween Horror Nights to get your tickets and to stay up to date on the newest announcements.

For more info on these events, keep staying tuned to us here at  HauntScene.com  and make sure to all of our social media outlets.

Until next time, Stay Spooky.