Will Legendary Truth Be Making an Appearance at HHN25?

Legendary Truth: The Collective is a fictional paranormal research group created by some of the brilliant minds at Universal Studios. Since 2008, LT has presented guests with mythic stories, cunning clues, and interactive tasks that have led to deeply layered immersive experiences and a lot of hardcore fans.

In 2013, LT gave HHN frequenters and players at home the opportunity to join legions that would investigate, solve puzzles, and complete certain tasks to earn badges and points.

Last year, the LT games and legions failed to make an appearance throughout the HHN season, but there was a surprise Legendary Truth app that emerged during the event’s final weekend. Players in-park were charged with finding a nightly list of coded locations. Once the locations were deciphered, individuals could then use their phone as a scanner to earn a legion badge for each of the designated areas. There were also scanners attached to certain scareactors that would result in “good or bad juju” and would either add to or take away points from the player’s LT app.

Those who completed the location tasks were given a specific time and were told to meet up near the Macy’s storefront in the New York area of the park. Small groups were taken into an area behind The Mummy queue and were treated to a sort of 9th house that featured some interesting new technology, old Halloween Horror Nights props, and some hints towards Legendary Truth’s hidden secrets.

Since that weekend, there has been no Legendary Truth activity. Many fans had hoped that with the preview of new tech and the 25th Anniversary we would be seeing LT prominently featured this season, but as of now there is no website, no app, and no in-park presence that we know of.

However, over the past weekend, there were a few things that got the wheels in my head turning.

First of all, near the entrance to the Insidious house, the Legendary Truth gargoyle statues are easily visible just behind a fence. According to a friend who went to employee preview night, the gargoyles were not previously in this location. Why bring them out of storage if they’re getting no usage?

Secondly, LT operatives have been spotted in-park wearing LT shirts, and an insider recently changed their Facebook profile photo to the LT logo. Coincidence?

Thirdly, let’s consider Jack’s new show “Celebrate the Kill”. One of his victims is an Internet troll. For a while now, fans and LT members on HHN forums have had to deal with a lot of trolling. There are plenty of people out there who would love to see the trolls ridiculed! But in the show there is never a specific forum mentioned to associate with the “troll” that Jack kills.


The HHN Vault (hhnvault.com) is a website that used to be the primary forum for Halloween Horror Nights. Members of Art & Design had accounts on this site and were known to chime in with a few hints about the event every now and then. In 2010, the site was inexplicably taken down.

Now, five years later, the vault seems to be having some activity. If you visit the website, you are greeted with a missmatch of coded wording that repeats “Open the Vault” and “Was it Real?”. In the audio bit that plays, several recognizable HHN sounds and voices of the past can be heard.

If you dig deeper into the coding of the site, it is stated that this audio recording is a transmission from October 25th, 1991- the first day ever of Halloween Horror Nights (then called “Fright Nights”). It seems very odd that the site is showing some changes all of a sudden, and although there is a lot of speculation out there on what it means, I’d like to have some hope that it could be related to Legendary Truth’s eventual return.

Finally, last week HHN introduced the History of Horror Trivia Challenge where guests can play online during event hours and answer differently themed Halloween Horror Nights-related trivia questions. New questions are being added each week, and fans can keep rank on a leader board. Although I have not partaken in the game, I have heard that there is an entire level dedicated to Legendary Truth.

While none of this may mean anything, and my points are all completely based on speculation, I do find it interesting that so many details that could be connected to LT have popped up over the past few weeks. For now, no one has any idea about whether or not LT will be playing a role in this year’s HHN event, but it certainly appears as though it has NOT disappeared. Legendary Truth is certainly still on the radar, and my curiosity leads me to believe that the research team may once again need our help to investigate the paranormal.

Until anything is confirmed, I’ll be sitting here with my fingers crossed.

-Courtney, a proud member of the Strengoit legion