HHN 25 Weekend Photo Update – Lanterns and Wickermen!

Trying to avoid the rain from the (now falling apart) Tropical Storm Ericka, I made a quick trip to Universal Studios to get a Halloween Horror Nights 25 update. Some things had been taken down (The Icon banners from last week’s update) in case of the storm, but other things had been added. Walking towards the Central Park area, a lot of noticeable changes are occurring at the stage across from the Horror Make-Up Show and Mel’s Drive In.  Now worn and rusty looking platforms have been added.  This doesn’t quite strike me as a stage for Rock the Universe…

After passing through this area, I entered the Central Park area, which you can immediately tell has doubled in props since last weekend.  The most noticeable are the wickermen all over the place.

Near the end of this section, I saw a wagon with a certain lantern that most HHN folks would recognize – FEAR’s lantern (from HHN 20).

I walked back and forth a few times, then realized that ALL of the wickermen were holding some kind of lantern or jar.

I cannot WAIT to see this scarezone lit up in the dark.  It is really impressive, and the pictures do not do it justice.

A few vehicles have also been added around the streets of New York for the Psychoscareapy: Unleashed scarezone as well:

Click here to view the entire photo album.

UPDATE: As of today, the stage across from Mel’s has been revealed. A large sign reads “Dungeon of Terror”, and there are various cages and sideshow props. We will try our best to get pictures soon, but this is most definitely for Jack (not Rock the Universe). Humanoid bats have also been added to the Central Park area. The park really is evolving every day and the streets are packed with details this year, but we will keep you as up to date as possible!

-Johnny Bronto and the HauntScene Team